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Realistic leash training! How to stop leash pullingThis video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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The MOST REALISTIC Leash Training Lesson for SEVERE PULLERS. Reality Dog Training

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STOP PULLING on leash! Reality Dog Training (This video contains paid promotions) Get 50% OFF your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription and use discount code ZAK at ?

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Does your dog PULL on leash?? You’re not alone! ?

0:00 When Plan A doesn’t work…
5:12 Step 1 of leash training… and a quick Inertia update 🙂
6:27 Neighborhood leash walking. Watch his progression… What do you think??
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NO PULLING when your dog’s excited

Learn the process of getting your dog out of the car and walking to new exciting places
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Dogumentary TV has teamed up with Oscar Mora of Elevated Canine Academy to bring you Dog Training Fundamentals. This series is an introduction series into dog training. In lesson one, Oscar goes over “charging your markers”, which tells the dog when he is going to be rewarded. It also helps you as a trainer gauge a dog’s interest in working with you. I’M A BIG FAN OF DJI DRONES AND CAMERAS, GREAT FOR GETTING AMAZING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF YOUR DOGS.