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Puppy Training with Cali K9® Dog Training

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California K9 Solutions® –
Cali K9® – We can train ANY dog!® – Dog Training in San Jose, CA

Cali K9® Modern Dog Training Method™ is an advanced leadership system designed for modern dogs and is highly effective, fair, balanced and consistent. And, we customize our dog training packages for each client and how their dog or puppy learns.

California K9 Solutions® dog training services include obedience training, socialization, agility, puppy training, behavior modification, aggressive dog rehabilitation, board & train program, working dog training, day camp, group classes, and semi-private or one-on-one private dog training sessions

Voted Best of Silicon Valley ‘Pet Trainer’ in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, our Bay Area dog training company and skilled dog trainers will help you build a better relationship with your best friend!

Dog Obedience, Behavior, Aggressive Dog Training, Socialization, Protection – On Leash and Off-Leash Obedience – Board & Train – Training Packages – Group Classes – Private & Semi-Private Sessions

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Dog Training Videos #1 | How To Train Your Dog!!!

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Dog Training Videos #1 | How To Train Your Dog!!!

Dog Training Videos | How To Train Your Dog!!!

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How to Train Your Dog to STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING That Moves!!

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Training The World’s Toughest Police Dogs | BIG DOGZ

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OKLAHOMA-based company, Torchlight K-9 has been training super agile Belgian Malinois dogs for the US police force for over 35 years. Ted Summers, their main decoy, told BTV: “I jokingly say that I teach dogs to find stuff and bite people”. Having worked in the field for many years, Ted cannot even remember how many times he has been bit. “These dogs bite people for a living, that’s what they do – I can’t count the number of times I’ve been bit,” said Ted.

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Learn my unique methods to help people reactivity and dog reactivity with a young German Shepherd

10 Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs in the World!

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They say dogs are a man’s best friend but, if trained right, they can also be a man’s best colleague. From police dogs to guard dogs, precious pups can be trained to do pretty much anything a man can. I mean, heck! Look at Scooby Doo! He’s a successful paranormal detective! That takes serious discipline! These are the best trained and disciplined dogs in the world!

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How to train an aggressive dog for reality as they are trying to attack people is something we work with a lot at the Upstate Canine Academy. This is a dog who is very fearful and unfortunately is taking her fear and unleashing it on people she doesn’t know. Tom works with her and her owner to overcome these issues so they can live a less stressed life!

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If you have a pup who LOVES to bark when they’re inside, then this video is exactly what you need to change that behavior. In this complete guide to stop your dog from barking indoors, we’ll talk about a few different scenarios that may cause your dog to bark, and the kind of barking you may get from your dog!

Looking to teach your dog to go lie on a bed?

Complete Guide To Puppy Training

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00:00 Your Complete Guide To Stop Dog Barking Indoors
00:59 Do You Have A Bored Barker?
02:08 Using Treats To Distract Your Bored Barker
02:34 Bored Barker Dog Training Mistakes
03:33 How To Help Your Bored Barker To Stop!
05:03 Do You Have A BACK-OFF Barker?
06:41 Using Good Leadership To Stop Dog Barking
07:27 Should I Correct A Back-Off Barker
09:38 Do You Have Buddy Barker?
10:48 Training For Your Buddy Barker
12:12 “What If You CAN’T Supervise Your Dog?”

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How A 1 Year Malinois Looks Like | Maligator Kai's Training Session

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Kai is now 13 months old, and he’s going to demonstrate the commands that he learnt in a year! Enjoy and have fun training! ?

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Teach Your DOG to HEEL BETWEEN Your Legs – Dog Training Made Easy and FUN

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Teach your dog to heel between your legs the fun and easy way. In this video I introduce Duane, our young Labrador to a skill that Goofy our Malinois knows so well. Heeling between your legs. Its a fun thing to learn and teach to your dog, its also an exercise in Mondio Ring Sport. In this video I’ll teach you the foundations to teach it to your dog. The advanced (part 2) of this lessons, 30+ minutes is available in my members only area:


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Stop your dog from pulling on leash (Dog training secrets revealed)

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Stop your dog from pulling on leash (Dog training secrets revealed)

From #leashpulling to loose leash walking to #offleash — learn how to do this with your #dog today!

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Train your dog to COME to you NO MATTER WHAT

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learn my unique process for training the perfect recall