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Teach Your DOG to HEEL BETWEEN Your Legs – Dog Training Made Easy and FUN

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Teach your dog to heel between your legs the fun and easy way. In this video I introduce Duane, our young Labrador to a skill that Goofy our Malinois knows so well. Heeling between your legs. Its a fun thing to learn and teach to your dog, its also an exercise in Mondio Ring Sport. In this video I’ll teach you the foundations to teach it to your dog. The advanced (part 2) of this lessons, 30+ minutes is available in my members only area:


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Clicker Training Your Cat is Easy and Fun!

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I’m a huge fan of clicker training – I even have a shelter-based program called Cat Pawsitive that helps cats become more adoptable, secure, confident and more bonded with humans. Folks are often amazed at how easy it is to get their cats started – and thanks to my good friend and Cat Pawsitive trainer/mentor Samantha Bell, we will show you in this video. Get ready to high five your cat – and more!

0:00 Prologue
2:13 Part 1 – The Basics
3:33 Part 2 – The Role of the Reward
5:50 Part 3 – Charging the Clicker
7:15 Part 4 – The Training Session
14:28 Epilogue

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“Light, Love & Mojo”
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You may be surprised to learn that there isn’t really a way to discipline your cat, and that spray bottle you’re using isn’t doing anything but harming your relationship with your cat. So what can you do to train your cat to behave better around the home? Jackson Galaxy explains.

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3 Easy Things to Teach your NEW PUPPY!

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How to train a puppy!
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Videos I reference in this episode:
How to Potty Train your dog:

How to deal with puppy biting:

How to introduce a leash to your puppy:
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This is a great overview of the fundamentals for anyone new to dog training or anyone looking for information on how to start. Dog training is all about communication and learning how to best communicate with your dog.
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Learn 5 CAT TRICKS in 10 minutes – Easy & Cool Clicker Training Tricks

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Step by step TUTORIAL to teach your cat 5 EASY & COOL TRICKS! How to teach them step by step from zero!

Clicker Training your cat tricks it’s not only going to turn your cat into the coolest cat of the neighborhood, it’s also going to improve your bond and communication to levels you never thought were possible.

In this tutorial I’d like to share with you how to teach your cat 5 cool, useful and easy tricks:
00:00 Intro
2:14 Teach your cat how to sit
3:49 Get your cat how to lay down
5:26 Get your cat to sit and stay
7:07 Teach your cat how to raise the front legs (Sit Pretty)
8:18 Teaching your cat to do a spin

These tricks are easily teachable to your cat but you might want to check this tutorial first if you don’t know what clicker training is:
– How to do clicker training –

After watching this video, if your cat doesn’t know them already, this 2 are the most useful tricks you can teach your cat:
– The first trick you should teach your cat –
– Get your cat to come when called –

Patreon –

– Harness Train Your Cat –
– Main Mistakes When Walking Your Cat –


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Cat dads and cat ladies have been around for a while. We are here to teach cat parents how to train their cats within a new paradigm.

As a cat lover I’m sure you want the best for your cats. Adventuring with your cat, clicker training and feeding your cat high quality food is going to get you there. Having a happy cat that loves you is easy. Start training positive reinforcement and going outdoors with them!

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Your cat needs positive, daily interaction with you to live a healthy and enriched life. Training your cat does just that! One short session per day is an excellent way to burn your cat’s energy and strengthen your bond.

Have fun training!
– Julie and Jones

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I’m Julie Posluns, also known as Julie, the Cat Teacher. My goal is to help people enrich their cat’s life with clicker training. I am an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB). I love to break complex behaviours into tiny achievable steps and show cat guardians how fun and rewarding it is to train their cats. My assistant in the videos is a black cat named Jones, who has a full scholarship to Cat School.

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