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The most popular Pets and Animals on TikTok | Top best viral compilation | Cats , Dogs etc 🐶🐱 #1

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The most popular Pets and Animals on TikTok | Top best viral compilation | Cats , Dogs etc ?? #1

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? Hamster vs Pop It maze for pets ? Escape in real life

My little funny pet hamster Popcorn escapes the amazing Pop It maze!
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Training The World’s Toughest Police Dogs | BIG DOGZ

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OKLAHOMA-based company, Torchlight K-9 has been training super agile Belgian Malinois dogs for the US police force for over 35 years. Ted Summers, their main decoy, told BTV: “I jokingly say that I teach dogs to find stuff and bite people”. Having worked in the field for many years, Ted cannot even remember how many times he has been bit. “These dogs bite people for a living, that’s what they do – I can’t count the number of times I’ve been bit,” said Ted.

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Learn my unique methods to help people reactivity and dog reactivity with a young German Shepherd

10 Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs in the World!

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They say dogs are a man’s best friend but, if trained right, they can also be a man’s best colleague. From police dogs to guard dogs, precious pups can be trained to do pretty much anything a man can. I mean, heck! Look at Scooby Doo! He’s a successful paranormal detective! That takes serious discipline! These are the best trained and disciplined dogs in the world!

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